3th Quarterly TRS Meeting – September 17, 2022
Scientific talks


Talk title

Prof. Huating Wang (CUHK)

Gene regulatory mechanisms in skeletal muscle stem cells.

Prof. Zilong Wen (HKUST)

The ontogeny of conventional endothelial and hemogenic endothelial cells.

Prof. Ting Xie (HKUST) 

Niche and intrinsic regulation of stem cell self-renewal and differentiation.

Prof. Ellis Kin Lam Fok (CUHK)

Extracellular vesicles in the testicular microenvironment.

Prof. Yan Yan (HKUST)

Mechanisms of growth control using Drosophila models.

Prof. Danny Leung (HKUST)

Epigenomic regulation of non-coding DNA.

Prof. Kai Liu (HKUST)

Axon regeneration and functional reconnection in adult CNS.

Prof. Ho Yi Mak (HKUST)

Conserved modulators of triacylglycerol synthesis.

Prof. Fei Sun (HKUST)

From materials synthetic biology to new optogenetics.

Prof. Yusong Guo (HKUST)

Sorting and surface delivery of signaling receptors and signaling molecules in the secretory pathway.

Prof. Ronald Chi Chiu Wang (CUHK)

Ovarian reserve and preservation.

Prof. Zhenguo Wu (HKUST)

Critical checkpoints during early activation of adult muscle stem cells.

Prof. Zhongjun Zhou (HKU)

Chromatin Architectural changes in MSCs derived from laminopathy-based premature aging MAD.